Cherokee in Photos 2017 Contest Details

The Contest

  1. Cherokee Office of Economic Development reserves the right to use/post all submitted photos (with credit).
  2. Participants may submit photos of something or somewhere representative of Cherokee County or its cities.
  3. Each participant can submit a maximum of three (3) photographs.


  1. All photographs will be reviewed by a Committee.
  2. The Committee will select a minimum of 15 photographs to be displayed in the gallery.
  3. One of the selected photographs will be a “People’s Choice” photograph. This will be the entry with the most viewer votes on our Facebook page.
  4. If your photo is selected, you will be notified via email or social media messaging.


  1. COED will make a print of each selected photo and frame them in a custom frame with the photographer’s name and subject of the photo.
  2. All selected photos will also be posted to our website and social media pages.
  3. The photos will be revealed at an open house of the Cherokee and Woodstock Offices of Economic Development as well as The Circuit on August 10th.

Material Specifications

  1. Each image must be saved as a separate JPEG with the highest quality setting.
  2. The image resolution must be set to 72 DPI or higher.
  3. The longest side of a digital image must be at least 3,000 pixels.
  4. The maximum file size for each separate image entered is 8 megabytes.
  5. All watermarks need to be removed from photos prior to submission.

Submission of Entries will be taken from June 14 until July 12, 2017.