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There’s only one thing that may top the excitement of a large company moving into Cherokee County, witnessing small businesses become big ones. Cherokee County enables small businesses to thrive with tools necessary for growth. Whether it is networking opportunities, serving as a resource for steps needed to start your business, or helping market your company, we are here in partnership with the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce to assist in any way possible. For more information about the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce visit

Small Business Resource Library

A tax credit is granted for any business or headquarters or any such business engaged in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, processing, elecommunications, tourism, or research and development industries having a state net taxable income which is 20% or more above that of the preceding year if its net taxable income in each of the two preceding years was also 20% or more. The credit shall be the excess over 20% of the percentage growth and shall not exceed 50% of the business’s Georgia net income tax liability. The credit is available to companies whose total tax liability does not exceed $1.5 million