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Cherokee County School District ACT Scores

August 22, 2013

The Cherokee County School District’s (CCSD) Class of 2013 continued the highest ACT scores in the District’s history. All CCSD high schools outperformed National and State Averages on the curriculum-based test, which is taken by seniors either in lieu of the SAT or in conjunction with the SAT.

The CCSD average ACT composite (or total) score is 22.7, increasing from 20.8 over the past decade; the National average is 20.9, and the State average is 20.7. The CCSD Class of 2013 matched the record high scores earned by the previous class, while the National average slipped by more than a point. The number of CCSD Class of 2013 seniors who took the ACT also climbed to 1,283 – 51% of the senior class – a rise from 1,160 the previous year.