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CCSD Students get an introduction to the basics of computer science

December 29, 2014


Students at schools throughout the Cherokee County School District participated in the Hour of Code earlier in December, receiving an introduction into the basics of computer science and learning about a possible career choice.

Students could choose from game-based activities such as Angry Birds or one featuring Anna and Elsa from the movie “Frozen,” or learn Java or drawing codes.

“I am really excited that so many of our students are being introduced to computer coding this week,” said Bobby Blount, CCSD assistant superintendent for accountability, technology and strategic planning. “Technology is so pervasive in every aspect of our daily lives, and it’s all driven by creative, innovative and visionary programming professionals. The industry is hungry for these individuals and if just a fraction of our students follow this career path, they will find a lucrative field filled with opportunity.”

Students in more than 180 countries participated in coding activities as part of the international event, learning about how computers do what users want them to do, when users want them to do it.

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