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Corporate Move To Create High-Paying Jobs In Cherokee County

February 5, 2015

CANTON-The next time you come across a pallet of merchandise bound in shrink wrap, think of Cherokee County’s latest industrial coup.  MSK Covertech Inc. is expected to break ground on its new North American Headquarters in just a few months, which will be located in Cherokee 75 Corporate Park, an industrial center located in the southwest corner of the county.  This $3.8 million endeavor is expected to bring at least 30 high-paying, white collar careers to Cherokee County, with the promise of continued expansion.

MSK is one of the leading international manufacturers of packaging and logistics systems for pallet load units and large containers. The corporation is based in Kleve, on the Lower Rhine in Germany. However, many of its North American customers are companies headquartered in Georgia, such as Coca-Cola, Shaw, Quikrete and Georgia Pacific.

“MSK was unique, because the corporation had several specialized needs,” said Marshall Day, Chairman of the Cherokee Office of Economic Development (COED). “For example, the facility had to have 30-foot ceilings in order for the automated machinery to operate. This site works perfectly for that and gives them the opportunity to double in size.”

Within 12 months of the facility becoming operational, MSK will start light assembly of its stretch hooding equipment. In addition, MSK will now have engineering capabilities in the U.S. Heretofore, that aspect of the corporation has been limited to Europe. “As an international company, we knew we wanted to be along the I-75 corridor. Cherokee had a site we could move quickly on as well as a highly educated workforce,” stated Braden Camp, Vice President of MSK.

This venture gets COED one step closer to keeping the county’s well-educated residents working in Cherokee County (nearly 47 percent of Cherokee residents have a post-secondary degree). “We’re finally starting to see a shift in perception,” said Misti Martin, COED President. “People are starting to realize Cherokee County isn’t simply a bedroom community of Atlanta. There’s no reason we can’t attract the highest paying jobs and the best skilled work force in the state. Every day, with each and every success, we’re proving Cherokee is one of the best areas in Georgia to live and work.”

Statistics alone indicate Cherokee’s stronghold. From 2010 to 2014, the county has seen an 84 percent increase in the number of prospects interested in Cherokee. Each year, there’s been an increase. Each year, has been better than the last.

Here are some examples of the positions and salaries MSK will be looking to fill:

  • Engineers, $80-120k
  • Service Technicians, $50-90k
  • Administrative, $60-90k
  • Executive/Management, $90-160k
  • Project Manager, $75-100k

MSK_Concept Rendering


Concept rendering of new MSK Covertech-Group plant to be located in Cherokee 75 Corporate Park