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Gaining Momentum: COED Featured in February Issue of Georgia Trend

February 6, 2015


“There are many reasons we chose to expand in Cherokee, one being its close proximity to Atlanta without the congestion.” 
-Russ Sanders
 Founder and President of FactoryMation

Cherokee County is going into 2015 with the best stronghold its ever had on business growth and development. A lot of
that has to do with work done last year. In 2014 alone, the Cherokee Office of Economic Development (COED) successfully persuaded 19 corporations to either to locate or expand their regional and North American headquarters. COED
President, Misti Martin, says she is seeing a shift in business prospects and talks about that in the February issue of
Georgia Trend.

To read more and see what a major business owner has to say about growing his corporation in Cherokee,
click here.

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