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COED seeks resident Input for Opportunity Cherokee plan

May 19, 2015

Canton, GA (May 19, 2015) Do you wish you had a say in what your community looks like? Have you always wanted to work locally but the opportunities in your job field are not available in Cherokee?  What businesses do you think would benefit the local economy? The Cherokee Office of Economic Development (COED) has launched the development of a community assessment and an economic development strategic plan, titled Opportunity Cherokee, and they want to hear from you, Cherokee County residents.

Boyette Strategic Advisors (BSA), an economic development consulting firm, has been engaged to work with COED in developing the Opportunity Cherokee plan. COED and BSA will be seeking input from a broad cross-section of stakeholders. A number of group discussions have already been conducted and online surveys will also be used to gain a better understanding of any potential opportunities. “COED works diligently towards the community’s economic success. In order to plan for the future, we must explore potential opportunity as well as identify any issues or challenges facing the county from an economic development standpoint.” Said Misti Martin, COED President. “Opportunity Cherokee allows us the strategize using real data provided by our stakeholders. The information that will come from these assessments is invaluable.”

Opportunity Cherokee, which will be focused on enhancing the county’s competitiveness to attract new jobs and investment, has been developed to position the county to compete for high-value jobs through a competitive assessment that will include identification of the area’s unique assets; benchmarking of Cherokee County against similar and/or aspirational communities; validation/identification of targeted business sectors that are a good fit for the county; and development of strategic recommendations to enhance the county’s competitiveness.

This planning process, which was launched in late March, will be completed by the end of August 2015.  COED is asking for your help and participation in the input process, particularly through an online resident survey which will be available beginning on May 19, 2015.

For more information about the Opportunity Cherokee plan and to access the resident survey, please visit: and click on Provide Your Input.

COED and BSA are looking forward to sharing the results when the planning process is completed.