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Hollywood takes Cherokee by Storm

June 5, 2015

Social media websites have kept Cherokee County residents informed about a slew of topics, ranging from the latest crime trends to which neighborhood dog has gone missing.

These residents are also utilizing social media, Facebook specifically, to post photos, trade information and encounters they have with Hollywood actors who are in the county filming movies.

At least two groups have been created to allow residents to share photos and keep track of information pertaining to two movies under production in Cherokee, Canton GA Movie Set 2015 for The Founder and Cruisin’ Ball Ground for Mena.

Mena stars Tom Cruise as Barry Seal, a TWA pilot turned drug smuggler for the Medellin cartel. Seal was later recruited to provide intelligence for the DEA and CIA, and was later killed in 1986, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Founder recounts the story of how Ray Kroc was able to turn McDonald’s into a successful fast food empire. Actor Michael Keaton stars as Kroc.

The Canton City Council last month approved agreements with Speedee Film Productions, Inc. to film a portion of The Founder at Canton Theater at 171 East Main Street and the former Canton Cotton Mill offices at 221 West Main Street.

According to the agreement outlining filming at the theater, the producers started filming June 4 and that leg of the project was expected to wrap in one day. The company will pay the city $2,500 each day they are utilizing the theater.

The agreement to utilize Cherokee County School District’s Building A facility calls for producers setting up shop on or around May 29 and using about seven days of occupancy over a roughly 11-day period (which includes about four days of preparations, one day of shooting and about two days of wrapping up).

The company will also pay the city $2,500 each day it utilizes the building.

Be sure to visit these Facebook groups to get all the details about the projects, Hollywood celebrity sightings and more. In the meantime, check out the photos we’ve compiled or share your own.

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