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Cherokee earns record high ACT scores

August 27, 2015

Cherokee County School District’s Class of 2015 earned record high scores and the second-highest county average in metro Atlanta while continuing to exceed their peers across the Nation on the challenging ACT college entrance and placement examination.  CCSD’s average score ranks it among the top districts in Georgia on this measure.

The CCSD average ACT composite/total score on the curriculum-based test is 22.7, rising from 22.6 last year and from 20.8 over the past decade; National and State averages are 21.  Students earn a score on a scale of 1 to 36; the ACT is taken in lieu of or in conjunction with the SAT.

The CCSD Class of 2015 earned the system’s highest-ever scores in the English (22.4), Reading (23.4) and Science (22.6) sections, with averages for those three sections as well as Mathematics all increasing from the previous year.  The number of CCSD seniors who took the ACT also climbed to 1,450 – 59% of the senior class – a rise from 1,377 and 56% the previous year.

All CCSD Principals will review the scores with their leadership and data-management teams to identify methods to further enhance students’ knowledge mastery.  Counselors also will review the results to ensure students are advised as to the best testing choices for their admission and scholarship success.  The ACT will be administered this year on September 12, October 24, December 12, February 6, April 9 and June 11 at CCSD high schools, with a choice of at least two dates at each campus.

“National testing results such as these outstanding SAT scores reinforce what we at CCSD already know: our teachers and administrators are preparing students for success in higher education and careers!  This coupled with the dedication of our students and the support of parents, volunteers and community partners leads to commendable results that are the envy of the State and Nation,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Frank R. Petruzielo said.

This impressive performance mirrors State data that shows when CCSD students enter college, they are more prepared than their peers: 88 percent of recent CCSD graduates who went on to attend a state college or university (6,200 students), did not need a single remedial class.

“The progress of every student is important to CCSD, as we are dedicated to ensuring that each has the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their lives… from higher education to careers to leading our community and world!” Dr. Petruzielo added.