Cherokee Office of Economic Development · Cherokee by Choice.

Shaping the Future of Cherokee

October 27, 2015

Throughout life, people set goals for themselves. From childhood they dream of what will come next, mapping out the steps that will lead them to their aspirations and dreams. They work hard to lay the groundwork for a life of success and happiness, establishing a strong foundation to grow and thrive.

Economic Development follows the same path, setting goals, dreaming big and laying the ground work for future growth and opportunities. Instead of one person, it is a community with endless potential. With any dream, a plan is needed in order to make it a reality. Since January, the Cherokee Office of Economic Development (COED) has been working with Boyette Strategic Advisors (BSA) on strategic blueprinting for the future of Cherokee County. The plan will focus on Cherokee’s strengths, needs and opportunities. Because of this, it’s been called Opportunity Cherokee.

Countless hours were spent ensuring the Opportunity Cherokee Plan will help the county realize its objectives and dreams while guiding COED’s efforts for the next five years. BSA went through a benchmarking process of similar and aspirational communities, comparing Cherokee County to places around the United States such as Frisco, TX and Franklin, TN looking at likenesses, best practices and trends that would add to their suggestions. Over 2,400 of Cherokee’s residents and stakeholders participated in surveys and interviews in order to assess the needs and potential of the community. Research was done on surrounding areas, local businesses and industries, educational institutions, and the list goes on.

The plan will focus on enhancing the county’s competitiveness to bring new jobs and investment and to position the county to compete for high-value jobs that will support Cherokee’s skilled and talented residents, while reducing the staggering out-commute.  It will identify the business sectors that COED should be targeting and the steps that need to be taken to attract these sectors, as well as identify the existing unique attributes that are appealing to these businesses.

On Wednesday, October 28th at 11:30 AM the Opportunity Cherokee official roll-out event will take place. Special guest Chris Carr, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Economic Development will be sharing the State’s perspective and how Cherokee’s goals align with those of the State and region. COED would like to invite the community to tune in to the live broadcast of the event by following @CherokeeOED on Periscope. “The people of Cherokee have spoken. This is Cherokee’s Plan, and we are counting on the community to make this vision a reality,” said Misti Martin, COED President.