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The Circuit Opens for Membership

June 27, 2017

Woodstock, GA – The Circuit, Cherokee’s first coworking space, officially welcomed Blackairplane and Affordable College as the first members of the space as of mid-May.  In addition to its new members, a formal process and program for membership has also been launched.

Blackairplane, a leader in UX focused design and development, was recently acquired by serial entrepreneurs David Leggett and Michael Caldwell, of Woodstock.  As part of the acquisition, they moved their offices to The Circuit.  Caldwell recognized the potential to foster innovation and noted, “Our team wanted to find a collaborative workspace that promoted creative problem solving, but we also wanted to avoid the energy drain that comes with the commute to Atlanta.  At The Circuit, we have a place where our ideas can thrive and an incredible location within walking distance to great food, parks, trails, and other desirable amenities.”

The Circuit opened its doors with a soft launch mid-January, initially giving the community an opportunity to explore the space and provide feedback on their experience.  One of the entrepreneurs who took advantage of this arrangement was Sean O’Brien from Affordable College, an education technology company.  Sean decided to become a member because “relationships are critical to business success.  Building something that is local is key.  Plugging in to a smaller community, allows me to build relationships with people and help each other out.  Choosing to do that in downtown Atlanta has problems as it requires a major investment of valuable time and money.  Because of The Circuit, I am already making things happen with local connections, which led to a local investment in my company as well as hiring local talent.”

The Circuit is pioneering a new brand of coworking, powered by a unique partnership, between the Cherokee Office of Economic Development, Chattahoochee Technical College, and the Woodstock Economic Development office.  These organizations have combined resources providing an opportunity for collision between entrepreneurship, manufacturing, technology, industry, and economic development.  A prime example is the German robotics and manufacturing company, Oechsler Motion.  Oechsler has been working from The Circuit as a temporary home while the new adidas SPEEDFACTORY is being completed at the Cherokee 75 Corporate Park.  “We believe that creating a culture of entrepreneurship is vital to the economic development of a region. Entrepreneurship fuels innovation and innovation fuels the economy.  Our collective goal is to provide necessary resources and programs that can help drive success at an entrepreneurial level, stimulating economic growth.  The Circuit is the first step, providing an affordable space for innovators to work, meet, connect, and grow their startup close to home” stated Misti Martin, President of Cherokee Office of Economic Development (COED).

The Circuit offers a variety of membership levels including hot desks at $100/month, dedicated desks at $150/month and private offices at $350/month.  Each workspace is designed to meet the space needs of a diverse community of coworkers and provide opportunity for connections to community.  Cherokee Office of Economic Development launched a video for entrepreneurs and community members to become better acquainted with The Circuit.  To schedule a tour or get a free day pass visit the Circuit website.  You can also e-mail the office at to find out more information.