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95 Problems, But Beer Is Not One of Them

April 5, 2018

95 Problems, But Beer Is Not One of Them


“I’ve got 95 problems, but the beer ain’t one,” joked Spencer Nix of Reformation Brewery on The Circuit stage at the 1 Million Cups Cherokee (1MC) gathering Wednesday morning. “The top 3 problems are: a highly regulated industry that doesn’t always share our values and ethics, rapid growth that comes at the cost of product innovation, and consumer preference is a moving target,” to which Nix joked, ‘you guys are not loyal to anything.’


Nix, Co-Founder of Reformation Brewery, presented at the 1MC gathering to seek constructive feedback toward Reformation’s ideas and challenges as the brewery makes plans to expand their brand in downtown Woodstock.


Nix shared Reformation’s plan to open a Research & Development Brewery at 105 Elm Street in Summer 2018. This brew house will #setinnovationfree by providing a space for Reformation to test out new recipes and formulas while receiving real time feedback from the community. “Woodstock is a thriving community, and we want to be a part of that. We want to get right in the heart of where everything is happening. People are living, working, and playing here and it made sense with our values and vision that we would be a part of it.”


During the Q&A session, Nix and the audience bounced around ideas on how to solve logistics issues, garner brand loyalty by creating moments that matter, and keep a business grounded in culture within an industry that doesn’t share the same values. Their unique values are acceptance, stories, being authentic, moderation, humility, and humor. By the end of the discussion, it was clear that the audience agreed that by staying true to the company values, your culture will survive rapid growth.


The gathering closed with conversation and a few final cups of coffee; 200 cups and counting!



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