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Coffee in the Cloud

October 22, 2018

1 Million Cups Cherokee (1MC Cherokee) welcomed cooler temperatures and Cloud & Wire founder Robert Hootselle at this week’s gathering; perfect conditions for coffee and community. Hootselle took the stage to present his technology consulting agency to the 1MC Cherokee community.  

“We are subject matter experts in Telephony, Global Communications and we work with large-scale retail franchises such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Orange Theory Fitness. Large companies may have 5 or 50 retail locations opening at once. They don’t really have the capability to research and compare 50 different vendors and their services. So we help them with the project management to make sure the openings happen on time and without issue” explained Hootselle.  

Cloud & Wire compares their consulting services to a real estate agent guiding a family through their purchase. The realtor works on their behalf to help navigate builders, neighborhoods & market conditions. Likewise, companies searching for expertise when looking to improve their telephony, communications and computing methods need similar services such as research, sourcing assistance and application implementation resources. 

During the valuable Q&A section, the audience was primed for feedback as Hootselle set them up by sharing three specific areas he was requesting feedback on. This helped equip the audience towards a specific direction and empowered them to better aim their feedback. Hootselle was looking for feedback on his approach to commission and whether or not to grow a remote workforce versus a local one. At the end, the crowd stuck around for deeper networking and many people waited in line just to talk one-on-one with Hootselle. 


1 Million Cups is a gathering of the local community with the intent to educate, engage, and connect fellow entrepreneurs and startups. An emerging company is given 10  minutes to pitch their business model and speak on the challenges they are currently facing. A 30-minute Q&A session allows the audience to give feedback and show support. 

If you missed the event this morning, you can still access all the fun! All of the 1MC Cherokee events will be live streamed and recorded. So, pour yourself a cup of coffee and check out the presentation here: