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Coronavirus: Stories of How Entrepreneurs in Cherokee County, Georgia are Adapting, Part 6

March 19, 2020

Story 6: Brad Nix, COO, and Owner of Path & Post, Woodstock, GA

Path & Post is a different kind of real estate company — a team brokerage. They believe that buying and selling real estate is not only the most important financial decision you will ever make, but it’s also one of the most emotional transitions in life. They embrace the responsibility of their role as a guide along the path to your next place. Their goal is to help you Find Your Path!

  1. How has the COVID-19 situation impacted your business recently?

Typically the real estate process lags major shockwaves by a month or more, but we’ve experienced an immediate impact in the following ways: open houses canceled, out of town buyers not traveling to see local homes, sellers delaying listing and others pulling their home off the market, buyers terminating due ‘uncertainty’. Still many people need to buy and sell and fortunately, mortgage rates are near all-time lows and while days on market may extend and home prices may dip a bit, selling sooner may be better than waiting.

  1. How have you and your business adapted to the situation?

We have implemented safety precautions for our agents, buyers, and sellers. We are also offering Video Meetings and Video Showings

  1. How have you prepared and led your team/employees?

We have always been a digital-first brokerage and continue to lead via virtual meetings. We provide consistent virus updates, safety precautions, and market developments in real-time via digital tools like Slack & Google Hangouts.

  1. What new things/perspectives (or old ones reinforced) have you learned about yourself, your business, and/or your community?

We are all way more social than we realize. We need face to face interaction and connectivity to thrive. Our values (Respect. Unity. Golden Rule+) continue to guide every decision we make. Millennials are uniquely equipped to lead us all forward with technology and their innate desire to connect. It’s been amazing watching them take action.

We are all way more social than we realize. We need face to face interaction and connectivity to thrive.

  1. How have you stayed focused and positive?

Change and stress create an opportunity to improve. I’m trying to grow as a leader through these times. It’s also nice to have my family so close by each step of the way.

Change and stress create an opportunity to improve.

  1. What are some encouraging thoughts or stories you have heard that have kept you grounded?

So many people have offered to do whatever they can to help others. Our community is full of strong, independent, and loving humans. We should all be proud of what we have together.

To learn more about Brad Nix or Path & Post, visit or follow them on social media.

Stay tuned tomorrow, Monday, March 23, 2020, for our seventh story and entrepreneur as it continues into week 2. We hope you are inspired by these stories and motivated to stay in the game to support them together.

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