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Awnex, Inc. · Laser Operator, Experienced Fabrication Technician, Structural Engineer (Full-time)

Ball Ground


Awnex designs, engineers, manufactures and installs canopies, signs, ATM and drive-thru covers and other bolt-on architectural enhancements for QSR retail and banking markets. Awnex is seeking a Structural Engineer, and Experienced Fabrication Technician, and a Laser Operator. Apply NOW. 


Principle Responsibilities:

  • Fabricate products such as trellises and canopies that are constructed in rectangular forms
  • Be capable of understanding blueprints and schematic drawings
  • Be able to read a tape measure
  • Sheet metal forming
  • Ability to MIG weld aluminum products
  • Complies with Safety Program
  • Cutting of materials (tubing and sheet stock)
  • Operate small tools, power tools, saws, forklifts, etc.
  • Maintains housekeeping practices
  • Promote the company’s values & principles
  • Communicate the company vision

Duties: Specific to each area of responsibility

  • Fabrication/Welding
    • Understands MIG welding machines in the shop and be able to adjust controls to achieve desired results
    • Must be able to prep material prior to welding
    • Must be able to MIG weld aluminum and carbon steel
    • Have a basic understanding to perform simple maintenance on MIG machines
    • Fabricate any type metal trellis, canopy, or basic design
    • Basic understanding of signs and metal and fabric awnings
  • Quality Control
    • Maintains quality standards (per Q.C. program)
    • Perform Q.C. procedures and documentation
  • Processing Materials
    • Cutting aluminum and steel tubing
    • Shearing sheet metal (aluminum and steel)
    • Cut various plastic materials
  • Sheet metal forming
    • Use of brake press
    • Use of shears
    • Use of other sheet metal forming equipment
  • Company Safety
    • Perform all duties in a safe manner
  • House Keeping
    • Ensure that work areas and shop are kept clean and organized
    • Maintain scheduled Housekeeping duties

Principle Responsibilities

  • Day-to-day operation of laser cutter or in sheet metal department
  • Maintain clean and safe working environment
  • Communication with multiple departments regarding materials and other needs
  • Operate Fork Lift

Essential Skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Knowledge of reading prints for sheet metal patterns
  • Computer literate – E-mail, pulling up drawings on server, altering programs
  • Use of basic measuring tools – Calipers, tape measurer, etc.
  • Ability to operate Fork Lift
  • Ability to read architectural drawings
  • Detail oriented
  • Highly motivated
  • Previous sheet metal / metal fabrication experience

Preferred Skills

  • Previous laser or CNC experience
  • Previous CypCut experience

Awnex, Inc is a local family-owned company and we are looking to add a full-time Structural Engineer to our Ball Ground location.  Pay is based on experience.  We offer paid time off, health insurances and 401(k).  If you’ve got the skills listed below, can pass a drug screen, and a background check, we encourage you to apply.

Primary Responsibilities

To develop calculation packages of Awnex products for site specific locations and to stamp any project that may be required.  To assist in the design of new products for material requirements and product development.  To optimize existing and new designs for weight to strength ratios.


  • To understand manufacturing processes for aluminum materials and extrusions
  • Design architectural metal systems that are safe and capable of withstanding the elements to which they are exposed
  • Assist with design of aluminum extrusions for structural integrity
  • Assist in value engineering for material cost savings
  • To work hand and hand with the engineering department and project managers
  • Help development standards of design for regions with various design loads
  • Development calculation templates for Awnex’s standard line of products
  • Prepare reports, designs and drawing packages
  • To be of assistance in communicating projects with the customers where there may be questions of design and attachment loads
  • Be the liaison between relevant professional staff, such as architects, engineers of record, and the company
  • Use creativity and innovation to come up with solutions for some of our greatest challenges
  • Provide technical advice internally and externally
  • Obtain planning and/or building regulation approvals when necessary
  • To promote Awnex company values


  • Knowledge of manufacturing concepts
  • Ability to grasp modern technology quickly
  • Must be a good communicator
  • Ability to prioritize multiple projects
  • Enthusiastic, cooperative, and positive behavior